Your thoughts | Thaal-Kachaura

January 07, 2020

Your thoughts | Thaal-Kachaura

Introducing the Thaal-Kachaura set 

Thaal-Kachaura is inspired by the Nepalese dining tradition Thali. Designed to energise and excite through accents of interesting colour and striking symbolism, the set combines the concept of communal dining with contemporary ceramic design. 

Thali dining

Thaal-Kachaura includes one large plate, accompanied by six ceramic bowls that encase a centre of rice. Each bowl is a stand alone piece and brings a sense of modern identity and simplicity to the table.

A symbol of the constance of growth and our outward stretch into the unknown, Thaal-Kachaura was designed in collaboration with London-based interior architect Mireille Wehbe. Thaal-Kachaura is one part of a significant portfolio of Mireille’s design achievements, since her move to London from Lebanon. With a long standing affection for narratives and art, Mireille elegantly merges the macro-aesthetics of the art world with the micro practicalities of domestic spaces to create timeless pieces for modern homes.

"Thaal-Kachaura is about the strength of colours and signs - a collaboration of both powers that go beyond simple aesthetics, beyond materials and beyond ceramics. It is an ensemble of pure forms that are explorative and free." - Mireille Wehbe

Cermaics comparison

Your thoughts

We're still in the development stage of our Thaal-Kachaura set and we'd like to know which one you prefer - gold or pink? Let us know what you think on Instagram and Facebook, we'd appreciate your thoughts. 

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