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The Candle Lady of Kathmandu

January 02, 2020

Sita Candle Artisan

Sita is the artisan behind our Mana Candle and is affectionately known as the Candle Lady of Kathmandu, after setting up her own candle making business to help support her family.

Nepal is a deeply spiritual country with a never ending need for candles. This presented Sita, who had no formal education, with a unique and exciting opportunity to use craft as a means for economic growth.

Sita trained in candle making at the Nepalese Business Service Centre in Kathmandu and with a small donation from a local NGO, she slowly but surely developed her business to become one of the most popular candle makers in her local area. She now rents her own studio, sells candles to people all over her neighbourhood and runs her own candle making classes for other women in her community. 

Sita’s story is inspirational and echoes the stories of many women in Kathmandu. Craft, much like it has for centuries, gave Sita the chance to learn new skills, as well as gaining independence, and an opportunity to benefit and support her family.

When she agreed to collaborate with us on the Mana Candle, we were overjoyed! We're always on the lookout for undiscovered crafting talent and Sita's story really resonated with us. Through her work, not only could we highlight the inspiring relationship between authentic craft and Nepal's rich spirituality, but we could do it in a way that brought sustainable  economic benefits to Sita - the mastermind behind the design. 

The Mana Candle is made from hand poured Himalayan beeswax and is scented with citronella essential oils. The Mana candle holder is a traditional rice measurer made from Bhaktapur brass. Our collaboration with Sita sat right at the start of our journey and is the perfect metaphor for the purpose of our collections. We will continue to closely follow Sita's story and will keep you updated on what she's up to next. 

See Sita’s Mana Candle.

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