Solfeggio Frequency Tibetan Handmade Wool NIRE Rug

January 09, 2022

Solfeggio Frequency Tibetan Handmade Wool NIRE Rug



‮!'‬If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

 —Nikola Tesla

We invite you to celebrate life, harmony, and personal and collective transformation.
Discover how a journey to an authentic Kham Tibetan nomad settlement located on the south slope of the sacred Genyen massif led to an empowering story that you could be a part of.
The Solfeggio Community Craftsmanship project shapes a thousand-year heritage craft into contemporary form as a group of women weaves time and joy into the tapestry.
Who Made This
Located within the ecological redline zone, Zeba village faces challenges of remoteness and lack of livelihood opportunities other than yak herding. Nomad culture is well kept. Most village youths stopped education after the 3rd grade. In a traditional Khan Tibetan community, women are important as homemakers and mothers. Empowering women ensures sustainable development for the whole community and its future generation. Called by the purity and vitality of Genie, CHACCRA collaborated with Zeba village committee and a social organization, as well as local women, and formed the weaving workshop.
This rug is woven by ten local women who participated in the workshop to develop their handicraft skills. 
We are hoping this is only the start, with more women joining us in the future and the work leading to a sustainable income source for them and their families.
“The NIRE <Tibetan name for wool blanket> is an everyday necessity in Tibet, with the craft handed down for thousands of years.  The women in this elevated and cold pastoral area spend the winter at home. They keep warm using it as a quilt, blanket, garment or hat for themselves or their family. “ - Textile expert Xing Zhen
To preserve the cultural heritage and protect this eco-sensitive village's environmental integrity, we followed the traditional way of making NiRE for this particular design.
Most weavers used to work alone at home, using rough estimations in their NiRE making. The CHACCRA team works with them to standarize production with design tools and language, meanwhile explore opportunities for innovation and new techniques.
The process included wool sorting, preparing the yarn, installing the thread onto the weaving machine, weaving, measurement&design reading, training, patching, cleaning, drying, cutting and finishing touches.
The Design 
The design is called Solfeggio Frequency, and it mixes the NiRE weaving technique with flat-weave rug making. The pattern symbolises the seven solfeggio frequencies that align with the seven chakras.
We used un-dyed nature Himalayan wool as the natural creamy white is also Tibetan people’s purest colour. But of course, we can customise pieces with more colour options.
The Experience
We hope you will treat this gift of care and empowerment with reciprocity. 
It represents the collective effort of talented women who weaved time, joy and their homeland energy into their work.
We also hope it brings this positive&balanced vibrance into your life.
Price Transparency & Being Part of the Community
In order for our supports to understand how their sending is utilized for this project, we fully disclose the cost structure of the pricing. 
Supporters of the project will join the Friends of Sacred Earth international community.
We will also offer updates from the Zeba community and our weavers. You can find out about opportunities to visit the community and connect with elders and wisdom keepers from our Sacred Earth learning communities.

Community Prioritised Production

We base our weaving time on the seasonal rhythms of the women in our Genyen community. We produce pieces based on their current life routine, without changing the cultural traditions & living habits of the locals.
The project strives to achieve a harmonious balance between protection and development, 
and we appreciate your patience and support.

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