Friends of CHACCRA: Introducing WOODON

December 02, 2020

Nana-Woodon-CHACCRA's friends

The celebration of thoughtful design that deconstructs the ancient and the modern

We have always admired the skills and passion of artisans and designers,therefore it is with absolute pleasure that we introduce jewellery brand WOODON to our community. 

The history and the present of the East and the West inspire WOODON’ s authentic designs that deconstruct the ancient and modern. Nana, the creative mind behind the brand, is an established designer with unique metalworking skills.

Having previously studied graphic design, she has been making jewellery for more than 20 years and her pursuit of quality has no compromise. With a soft spot for antiques, she has been carefully crafting them into her modern pieces.

"I hope the jewellery I create is not only beautiful, but also timeless. It can be passed on and passed down."

Currently working with traditional jade materials, combining modern design with inlay techniques, Nana doesn't want to separate the concepts of "traditional" and "contemporary". For her, WOODON represents a constant search between the two. 

Sharon Shi, CHACCRA Founder, spent an afternoon with the talented designer discussing inspiration sources and the creative process behind her works of art.

S: What is your usual creative process? Do you start from an initial concept and then consider the material and form? Is there a visual impulse that drives you to get started, and you attach a meaning afterwards?
N: Both. When developing a concept, it is crucial whether it can be fully embodied in the finished product. Sometimes we do not have the right materials or techniques to transform it into a reality, so we put it on hold.

S: Is it uncomfortable to put an idea on hold?
N: No, because there is still hope in the future. The "shape" of a piece is essential. In the process of creating it, the "shape" will often change, and the final version may not even be determined by the designer.

S: There is a saying- "The ending of a character is not determined by the author". My understanding is that you do not deliberately "control" the material when creating.
N: I believe that I am just a medium for the materials, their properties and their energy to change shapes through me.

S: Are these "shapes" recognizable?
N: I believe the people who enjoy our designs can clearly recognize our pieces through our creative use of colour and craftsmanship.

S: I feel that your designs are "works with a sense of time but light and bright." What does time mean to you?
N: Time is a linear lone ranger.

S: What are your sources of inspiration?
N: Most of the time, I like to sit alone, imagine and daydream. I have always believed that "it all comes from a dream". 

S: Is there a "dream maker" who you admire very much?
N: Dali, definitely, he makes superb jewellery. 

S: Any future plans?
N: To create more dreams through WOODON.

The Naked Mind Handmade Jewellery Purse is part of a special WOODON collection. 

The piece was designed to help you feel mindful at home, in your private sanctuary. Let your jewellery rest in its luxurious silky care while you access a state of ultimate relaxation, comfort and mindfulness in your natural bareness.

To stay true to the original design, the production process in collaboration with a master craftsman lasted almost a year. In the pursuit of the perfect custom finishings, the delicate velvet protects the jewellery while your hands will be pampered by the silky touches of the smooth and soft interior.

Its exquisite and practical design will make it the perfect companion for your jewellery for years to come.

CLICK to discover WOODON’s Naked Mind Handmade Jewellery Purse, available now in our shop. 

Naked Mind Jewellery Purse

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