Design for wellbeing | Kiraṇa + Ātma

July 20, 2020

Design for wellbeing | Kiraṇa + Ātma

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein 

In the wake of the ‘new normal’ we’ve turned to nature as our inspiration for our newest contributions to the Chakra Design Collection; Kiraṇa + Ātma. Like other designs in the collection, both rugs draw on the teachings and aesthetics of the seven body chakras, though each of their motifs also explore textures and kinetic energies within nature.

Both handcrafted pieces were designed by Julia Guenther, who is also behind the popular Ajna rug, and form two of three pieces that use a fusion of methodologies, including flatweave, to encourage mindful interactions between the viewer and the design. Julia joined us in Nepal on several trips and worked closely with artisans to marry each methodology together. Taken by the natural beauty of Nepal, Julia’s design work is an investigation of Nepalese nature, culture and texture and is reflective of her experiences of the country.



 Kiraṇa is inspired by the Chakra of the Solar Plexus, is soft and fluid, with motifs that are reminiscent of leaves on flowing water. The design is an expression of the traditional colour set of the Third Chakra, and harnesses warm and curious shades that align with the Chakra’s spiritual guides to inspire creativity, curiosity and new beginnings in the home.


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The second; Ātma is inspired by the Sacral Chakra. Julia said:

“Ātma invites vitality and creativity into rooms with a collection of vibrant and emotive oranges, a variety of playful pile heights, and lucid, tactile textures. Ātma harnesses a sensual and flourishing motif that blossoms and unfolds in movement, following fluid lines and organic compositions reminiscent of nature and earthly intuition.”



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Both designs are now available as a part of the Chakra Design Collection and come in bespoke sizes upon request. 

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