MōDALA Vidhi

MōDALA Vidhi harnesses the natural versatility of Tibetan wool and vibrant colour palettes to playfully reflect the contrast of moving Nepalese skies on domed, citrus landscapes. Nepali for method, Vidhi vivaciously experiments with the traditions of hand knotting, creating a tactile underfoot feeling through unique yarn applications and colour abstraction. 

Vidhi houses energetic elements of fringed detail and varying piles that are representative of Nepal’s bustling cityscapes. They are made to both invite and entice observers to experiment and invest themselves in the movement of the design.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nepal, MōDALA Vidhi rugs are created as a whole piece and is then cut and bound into individual pieces. This is done to cut down dramatically cut down on waste.

  • Designer: Mylene Spencer
  • Dimensions: 2.91m x 1.5m
  • Knot count: 60 knots 
  • Made from Tibetan wool
  • Handcrafted in Kathmandu
  • Hand dyed with heavy-metal free, reactive dyes
  • Made to order delivered directly from Nepal: 12 weeks
  • To learn more about how to use: download the Modala User Guide

  • For the Movers and Shapers

    About the collection

    MōDALA rugs are designed to grow and adapt to the natural movement of daily life, with modular pieces that can be moved into multiple combinations to suit a range of interior styles and spaces. Each module is a standalone statement that can be used on its own or combined with other modules, fastened together with Nepalese brass clasps. Each module is sold separately.

    Production and Shipping

    Shipping and Taxes are not included in the listed price and will be calculated at checkout. Stock availability and production lead time will be informed upon order confirmation and payment will only be collected after we confirm your order. Bespoke sizes are available, please contact hello@chaccra.com for more information.