Solfeggio Frequency Tibetan NIRE Handwoven Rug

This rug is woven in an authentic Kham Tibetan nomad settlement located on the south slope of the sacred Genyen massif

Located within the ecological redline zone, Zeba village faces challenges of remoteness and lack of livelihood opportunities other than yak herding. Empowering women ensures sustainable development for the whole community and its future generation, called by the purity and vitality of Genie, CHACCRA collaborated with Zeba village committee and a social organization, as well as local women, formed the weaving workshop.

The NIRE <Tibetan name for wool blanket> is an everyday necessity in Tibet, with the craft handed down for thousands of years.

The design Solfeggio Frequency mixes the NiRE weaving technique with flat-weave rug making. The pattern symbolises the seven solfeggio frequencies that align with the seven chakras. It is woven by local women who participated in the workshop to develop their handicraft skills. 

We used un-dyed nature Himalayan wool as the natural creamy white is also Tibetan people’s purest colour.


Product Name: Solfeggio Frequency

Technique: Tibetan NiRe Handwoven

Material: Himalayan Wool

Current Size: 2m x 3m

Current Color: Undyed Natural Creamy White   


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Production Lead Time: 30 Days 

(order 2 months in advance)

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