Design | The MōDALA Collection

November 26, 2019

Design | The MōDALA Collection


The way we interact with design is changing. We no longer just want aesthetics, we want function and meaning too. For us, our collaboration with the brilliant Mylene Spencer for The MōDALA Collection was inspired by our need to answer this call - to create engaging, multi-functional and long-lasting rugs that not only appeal to the eye but also capture the attention of the imagination. 

We are all creative in our own way and it’s important for our wellbeing to exercise that part of our mind every now and then. Theories have found that it's the right side of our brains that are creative, and it’s in this space where we visualise, imagine, conceptualise and create. The MōDALA Collection is about engaging that creativity and allowing users to experiment with their own self-expression through the platform of adaptable and interactive design.


The Mōdala Collection


The MōDALA Collection includes two Tibetan rugs; MōDALA Vidhi and MōDALA Thangka, that have modular, detachable sections (with the largest pieces under 1.5m) that you can move into different combinations to suit multiple spaces and interior styles. MōDALA rugs are designed to grow and adapt to the natural movement of your daily life and you are meant to build on them, adding extra modules, over time. They are a statement on the importance of investing in design that can survive in the wilderness of disposable culture, and we put them out into the world to encourage active, creative and versatile ownership.  

 Mylene Spencer designed the collection


Titled ‘MōDALA’ (Nepali for Modular) the collection is made solely from natural Himalayan fibres and is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nepal. We wanted to use our personal experiences in Nepal to create a collection that holistically reflected our values through the use of native fibres and adaptable, stand-alone design. It was important to us to innovate and experiment with explorative fibre applications, technologies and design methodologies. For example, to reduce waste, both rugs are created as whole pieces and are then cut and bound into individual pieces. 


Modular Tibetan rug

MōDALA Thangka

MōDALA Thangka is inspired by Buddhist iconography and is eponymous of Thangka art known as ‘roadmaps to enlightenment’ in spiritual storytelling in Nepal. Like Thangka art, MōDALA Thangka has many moving parts and interchangeable structures, with fringes that depict rough brush strokes found at the edges of the artform. See the design >

MōDALA Vidhi

MōDALA Vidhi harnesses the natural versatility of Tibetan wool and vibrant colour palettes to playfully reflect the contrast of moving Nepalese skies on domed, citrus landscapes. Nepali for method, Vidhi vivaciously experiments with the traditions of hand-knotting, creating a tactile underfoot feeling through unique yarn applications and abstract colour. See the design >

See the full collection.

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