Design | The MōDALA Collection

November 26, 2019

Design | The MōDALA Collection

There are nearly 5 million people around the world who identify as digital nomads, and as more of us decide to work online, the concept of making a house a home loses its shine a little - especially if you don't know where your next home might be. 

What if you could take your home with you? Well, maybe not the whole place, but a couple of key pieces that you know will make any space feel like home. In a perfect world, we'd all like to pack everything up and have it waiting for us when we arrive at our next stop, but in reality we just can't justify the shipping. But what about if those homey pieces could be packed up in a matter of seconds and shipped off no larger than a metre and a half? Would that make us take them with us? 

For us, rugs fall into that category. They are the full stop at the end of an interior design statement and add character to a space from the ground up - wherever it is. But rolling up area rugs can be hard work and the last thing you need is the trauma of shipping to find it damaged or warped out of shape once you unpack.

To tackle this little conundrum we designed the MōDALA Collection, a collection of two modular Tibetan rugs made from renewable hemp fibres and Tibetan wool. The largest pieces sit under 1.5 meters and can be stacked and packed without any effort whatsoever. 

The Mōdala Collection

Practical, creative and experimental 

Our MōDALA Collection is made up of several Tibetan rugs that have modular, detachable blocks (with the largest pieces under 1.5m) so that users can chop and change up the look and feel of their rug to suit their space. Having spent plenty of time exploring the methodologies of Tibetan rug making in Nepal, we began to understand the value and sustainability of diversity in design. We saw that while makers were creating seriously impressive textiles to suit a specific space, there wasn’t much to be said about adaptable textiles to suit multiple spaces and uses. This was the starting point for our MōDALA Collection.  

Titled ‘Mōdala’ (Nepali for Modular) the collection was designed as a gathering of geometric shapes, made up of smooth curves and stark right angles. Inspired by the ancient Nepali art Thangka, the collection blends a diverse scope of unique directions, sizes, lines and shapes to create interesting and shapeshifting juxtapositions. The concept for MōDALA also derives from the need to create a collection that could offer value through diversified and timeless aesthetics, with pieces designed to inspire a sense of identity and individuality. 

Modular Tibetan rug

We wanted to use our experiences to create a collection that visually reflects our values through the use of native fibres and adaptable design. It was important for us to harness our creativity to innovate and experiment through explorative fibre applications, technologies and design methodologies. 

The idea behind the MōDALA Collection derives from the need to create engaging, multi-functional and long-lasting rugs. In a world saturated with too many things, it was important for us to create a collection that could offer value through diversified and timeless aesthetics, with pieces designed to inspire a sense of identity and individuality. 

The collection was designed to grow with and adapt to the movement of daily life. From moving house to interior refreshers, the MōDALA Collection can change shape and even separate into multiple rugs for use in different rooms around the house. 

See full collection.

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