Event | The MōDALA Collection

August 21, 2019

Event | The MōDALA Collection

Continuing on from last year’s event, we’re looking forward to launching our new series of rugs including design additions to our existing Chakra Design Collection and a whole new collection.

Our newest collection: The MōDALA Collection offers modular rugs that are functional, adaptable and long-lasting for lovers of beautiful interiors turning away from 'throwaway culture'. 

We innovate artisanal Nepalese craft to create contemporary homewares that celebrate the hands and minds of those who make them. Nepal is home to a unique and sturdy creative community that preserves and nurtures traditional handcraft practices that date back centuries. Our collections draw eyes east to the cultural diversity and story of this community, to encourage adventure and curiosity inside the home and out.

We want to integrate function and beauty, but go further in supporting an energised, positive, uplifted yet balanced lifestyle – for all who come into contact with us; from the craftspeople and international designers we work with, through to our customers. 

The new collections fuse artisan techniques with abstract and spiritual designs, utilising colour and contemporary contexts to encapsulate yet innovate ancient crafting techniques; while promoting Nepalese culture. 

Julia Guenther from Germany and London-based Mylene Spencer are the designers behind the new collections. Mylene, who transformed the initial concept into reality for the Modular Collection, said: 

"I'm hoping that not only can we be inspired by Nepal's incredible crafting tradition, but that we can work towards translating the beautiful local culture into modern design.  Through this we strive to support development and local employment through design innovation and collaboration with local communities."

The concept for the MōDALA Collection derived from the need to tap into the 'thoughtful consumer' to create a functional, adaptable and long lasting modular rug using beautiful textiles and textures from renewable hemp fibres and Tibetan wool. They have been designed to enable users to create different shape formation and styles to use across a variety of spaces and rooms.

To see our new collections, we’ll be at London Design Fair from the 19th - 22nd September at booth 10.31 in The Old Truman Brewery. You can also catch us at“People and Planet before Profit” at RB12 in Shoreditch on the 19th September from 6pm. 

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