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October 24, 2018

Design | The Home of Limitless Design

Sustainability and innovation was hot on the lips of everyone at London Design Festival last month. From the great big plastic elephant in the room to eco fabrics and materials, designers elegantly harnessed environmental solutions, presenting landfill alternatives through interesting and innovative design thinking and application.

New to the scene, we were met with warmth and support from fellow startups, designers and visitors and were quick to remember just how much we love London. Tolerant, open minded and diverse, London’s unique recipe of multiculturalism and creativity makes it an international melting pot for limitless design and the perfect place for us to introduce CHACCRA to the world.

Welcomed with encouragement from the people we met, we had the most rewarding experience at London Design Festival and we look forward to an exciting couple of months, fueled by the insight and positivity we received during our time on the British Isles. We wanted to share with you just some of our favourites from the Festival, that showed how design can be a driving force in raising awareness in engaging and unique ways.

London Design Fair’s Material of the Year: Plastic

Plastic beyond the chipper harnessed ‘Cradle to Cradle’ methodology, spotlighting designers working with repurposed plastics. Designers from around the world showcased collections; including British designer Charlotte Kidger, who utilises lightweight polyurethane foam dust in her Industrial Craft collection, Dirk Vander Kooij, winner of the Dutch Design Awards and Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto. Weeze & Merl, melt, marble and make locally recycled plastics, creating a stunning collection of unique homewares and designs: “Our ultimate goal is to make plastic a precious material.”

Charlotte Kidger, Material Exploration Collection photo

Protopaper Lab

Repurposing paper to create light bending, bespoke light shades,Giancarlo Carrozza, a folding specialist and maker based in London, presents original ways in which designers can innovate existing materials to give them a new life and purpose.

Protopaper LabProtopaper Lab

FINSA x Envisions

Exploring the under represented production process of finished designs, the Spanish wood manufacturers and Envisions collaborated for a second time, showcasing the importance of design processes through their experimental Wood in Process exhibition, presenting new ways of addressing the use of materials.

FINSA x Envisions at London Design Fair 2018
FINSA x Envisions

Plumen 001 by Samuel Wilkinson and Plumen 

Designing out the clunky reputation of the energy saving light bulb, Samuel Wilkinson and Plumen presented their chic solution to efficient energy: the Plumen 001. A 20,000 hour lifespan, dimming effects, warm white light and a sleek and intelligent design elegantly presents a new aesthetic for the switch to sustainable energy use.

Plumen 001

Extra & Ordinary

“Turning ordinary environments into the extraordinary”. A prime example of how innovation is the key to mood altering design. Softly designed and rooted in subtly, Hyunhee Hwang's pieces elegantly collaborate with nature, welcoming the beauties of the outside world in.  See her full collection.

Thank you London Design Festival! We witnessed such an exciting display of purposeful design that not only transformed spaces but also provided intelligent solutions to the very real problems of our times; adding heat to the fire of actions we need to take in order to preserve our planet and its cultures. Inspired, we look forward to our future journeys, assured by our commitment to developing cultural sustainability in such changeable times.

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