CHACCRA: Decor inspired by Nepal

August 21, 2018

CHACCRA: Decor inspired by Nepal

"CHACCRA is traditional culture’s new playground, playing with and fusing together older and more modern design thinking to capture and nurture the wonders of quality, Nepalese artisanal work." Sharon Shi - Founder

Welcome to CHACCRA, a special selection of carefully curated decor collections inspired by and sourced from one of Asia's oldest and most exquisite handicraft cultures: Nepal.

Based on our three main principlesInnovation // Preservation // Quality we handpick every one of our collections and choose to work with and source directly from artisans who's work is not only beautiful and unique but also environmentally friendly with social development at their core.

Nepal is full of raw, undiscovered talent and art is very much built into the day-to-day lives of most. From homes and streets to the dramatic landscapes and temples, art is everywhere in Nepal and is intricately entwined with the country's exquisite cultural heritages.

From architecture, woodwork, textiles and furniture to paintings and sculpture, for years Nepalese artisans have journeyed across the country building the beauty of their work into everyday life. With attention to detail and layering, Nepalese art carries much hidden meaning and depth, using methods perfected over centuries to bring both religious and historical stories to life. 

Through our collections we look to capture traditional Nepalese crafting cultures by introducing contemporary design thinking to ancient practices. Each collection is bespoke and has its own unique identity and we look forward to sharing our exciting design journeys and inspirations with you.

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