Rūta promotes a sense of groundedness and security, harnessing a circular, floral design to inspire a unique harmony with nature in your home.

Unlock new found confidences, explore the existing beauties of your familiar spaces and create a focal point that welcomes and encourages warmth and growth.

Rūta is handcrafted, using traditional Tibetan methodologies, by skilled artisans in Nepal. 

  • Knot count: 150 knots
  • Made from Tibetan wool and bamboo silk
  • Handcrafted in Kathmandu
  • Designer: Diana Jiang
  • Dyed with reactive, heavy metal-free dyes
  • Made to order delivered directly from Nepal: 6 weeks

  • Shipping and Taxes are not included in the listed price and will be calculated at checkout. Stock availability and production lead time will be informed upon order confirmation and payment will only be collected after we confirm your order. Bespoke sizes are available, please contact hello@chaccra.com for more information.