The Chakra Design Collection

The Chakra Design Collection is a series of hand knotted Tibetan rugs and artisanal decor, designed by Argentinian designer Diana Jiang and handmade in Nepal.

The Chakra Design Collection is inspired by the seven wheels of Chakra and the concept that the key to a happy life is balance. Using colour and contemporary design each release approaches the different teachings of Chakra with fresh eyes and originality creating energy in interior designs that reflect different aspects of balanced living. Each offering represents one of the seven wheels, using eclectic, vibrant colour palettes and contemporary floral patterns to create stand alone styles.

Whether you want to energise your home office or uplift your dining area, the Chakra Design Collection creates fusion between traditional Nepalese artisanship and contemporary design thinking through a collection of beautifully unique decor pieces that have been especially designed to bring harmony and serenity to your living spaces.

In total there will be seven design releases for the Chakra Design Collection, with three hand woven Tibetan rugs currently available for purchase enquiries. The Rūta, Muţu and Saura Tibetan rug designs are made from pure Himalayan sheep wool blended with traditional silks and have been hand dyed using specialist Swiss dye.

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