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Himalayan Gift Set | Organic yak milk soap and beaten brass soap holder

A handcrafted soap collection from the Himalayan women of the Nepalese highlands

The Himalayan Highlands have long been home to the yak and the communities who rear them. Naturally high in amino acids, calcium and regenerative proteins, yaks’ milk is said to be the secret behind the glowing skin of Himalayan women.

The set also includes a hand beaten brass soap dish from the ancient city of Bhaktapur, where brass beating is a long held crafting tradition; and an exfoliating hemp flannel, hand woven from Himalayan hemp fibres.

About the Gift Set

  • Includes two yak milk soaps, one hand beaten brass soap holder and one hemp exfoliation flannel
  • Paraben free
  • Handcrafted by an all female cooperative in Nepal
  • Made from natural ingredients 
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