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Filmed on our journeys to Nepal, The Place explores the wonders of Nepalese heritage, people, art and music. A film made to show our appreciation and thanks to such a beautiful, yet delicate culture.

From the summits of the Himalayas to the bustling streets of Kathmandu, Nepal’s diverse and incredibly vibrant history spans across centuries. With an intricate cultural heritage that intertwines with art and design, much of Nepal's artistic offerings are influenced by the country’s magnificent landscapes, spirituality and the communities that live there. 

With over thirty different ethnic groups, all with their own dialects and religions, Nepalese communities create a diverse array of art that is entirely unique. From architecture, woodwork and textiles to furniture, paintings and sculpture, for years Nepalese artisans have journeyed across the country building the beauty of their work into everyday life. Using exquisite attention to detail and layering, Nepalese art carries much hidden meaning and depth, using methods perfected over generations to bring both religious and historical stories to life.

However, Nepal's craft heritage is changing. With the influx of cheaper goods and younger generations opting to find work in neighbouring countries, traditional Nepalese craftsmanship is on the decline with less people opting to pursue skills in craft due to a fall in demand for these once, everyday practices.

With craftsmanship and cultural awareness at the core of much of our collections, we hope to pull the world's focus to the beauty of Nepalese craft by shining a spotlight on the intricate workings of traditional Nepalese artisans in fusion with contemporary design. 

When the 2015 earthquake hit, millions of people were affected with many homes, sacred buildings and artwork lost to the rubble. Through it all, Nepal and its people were resilient and when the dust had settled, began to rebuild. People from different backgrounds contributed to rebuilding their country and while Nepal still has a way to go, the way that the Nepalese people have bounced back is truly inspiring. 

People from all over Nepal learnt new skills and trades with nearly 20,000 construction workers being trained in the effort to create more earthquake resistant buildings. In Kathmandu, one of the major cities to be affected by the earthquake, graffiti artists took to the streets to create new pieces of art to pay to tribute to the city, while the old artworks, affected by the earthquake, were being restored.

From building new homes and communities, to art, religion and the country’s eclectic mix of nationalities and cultural influences, Nepal’s resilience, diversity and ability to adapt is what makes it so unique. Over the years Nepal has developed and nurtured a deep and rich cultural heritage that is truly exclusive to the country’s winding landscapes and towering mountain ranges, busy cities, indigenous communities and extraordinary wildlife.

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