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Our Story

We believe our spaces should be a reflection of journeys we take and stories we tell; filled with design that encourages self expression and purpose. CHACCRA expands on modern Nepalese aesthetics to create timeless homewares that inspire cultural engagement and inclusivity, bonding East to West by harnessing ancient Nepalese craft techniques to create contemporary design.

Nepalese craft traces back to the Stone Age, and like Nepal itself, has evolved through the adoption and development of different cultures and religions. It is deeply spiritual and is designed to encourage lighter moods and joy. We offer homeware collections that mimic this and inspire us to see the diversity of Earth at its most beautiful, while celebrating the hands and minds who make them.All pieces are handcrafted with soul, by skilled artisans in Nepaland are designed to preserve the country’s exquisite cultural diversity through craft and design.

 Welcome to Nepal

Filmed on our journeys to Nepal, The Place explores the wonders of Nepalese heritage, people, art and music. A film made to show our appreciation and thanks to such a beautiful, yet delicate culture.

Our team is drawn together by our passion for diversity in design coupled with a desire to make a positive difference to people and our environment. Inspired by our experiences of the world and a unified love for Nepalese craft, we have spent the last years collecting stories and methodologies from around Nepal. Funnelling Nepalese culture in to pieces that break the mould and encourage preservation and development with the country’s crafting communities.

Hemp Tibetan rug from Hemp Tibetan rugs collection