Our Story

Chaccra is an international team of creatives who design rugs and homewares that are inspired by Nepalese culture.

Chaccra was founded to preserve Nepalese culture and to encourage originality and creativity amongst communities across the country. Through the innovation of ancient and traditional crafts, Chaccra uses craftsmanship to create economic opportunities for Nepalese communities and to encourage growth and creative ownership in younger generations. 

Our rugs and homewares draw energy from different aspects of Nepalese culture and spirituality, and are proudly handcrafted in Nepal by local artisans. Chaccra collections encourage balance, ignite wanderlust, and bring self expression to modern spaces.

Through the use of locally sourced, natural fibres and small batch production, Chaccra aims to work alongside those who choose to make more considered and sustainable choices when it comes to the items they buy. Smaller scale production enables our team to work closely with interior specialists to create unique designs that can be altered or made bespoke to suit a variety of spaces and styles. With a production time of around three months for Chaccra rugs, these pieces are for people who are invested in each item’s journey, and for those who look to experience the authenticity of adventure in design. 

Inspired by Nepal

Filmed on our journeys to Nepal, The Place explores the wonders of Nepalese heritage, people, art and music. A film made to show our appreciation and thanks to such a beautiful, yet delicate culture.

Our vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower younger generations of talented entrepreneurs and craftspeople in Nepal to encourage local and international appreciation of Nepalese culture. Through the innovation and preservation of traditional Nepalese craft, our collections are designed to inspire originality and creativity in a new wave of design thinkers. By collaborating with local communities, we look to develop collaborations that support craft and design while providing economic and creative opportunities and growth. 

Chaccra is striving to be a responsible company in its support for Nepalese artisans and the environment. With cultural appreciation at its heart, we collaborate with and support local entrepreneurs and share in our successes together.. We visit our suppliers regularly to ensure we are working with similarly minded and ethically conscious people, who provide economically and socially sustainable opportunities for their employees.