Alternative Easter ‘eggs’ that last longer than chocolate and make a lasting difference for people in Nepal – four years on from the tragic earthquake.

October 21, 2019

Press release: 22.03.19

With Easter this year falling close to the anniversary of the tragic Nepal earthquake of 2015, Chaccra,, has launched a collection that would make a perfect alternative Easter ‘egg’, which supports Nepalese communities and arguably does more good for you than chocolate!

Chaccra founder, Sharon Shi, suggests that people could opt for gifts that will make a difference, supporting communities affected by the tragedy. 

This Easter virtually coincides with the fourth anniversary of the April 25 2015 earthquake in Nepal, which tragically killed nearly 9000 people and injured many more. 

Sharon Shi, explains: “Having spent much time travelling and volunteering with charities in Nepal both before and after the earthquake, I saw how much was lost and how the rebuilding of Kathmandu is transforming the ancient landscape.

“I felt compelled to find a way to preserve Nepal’s mix of cultures. And fusing our love for art and design with Nepalese crafts is what we could contribute at Chaccra. ”

Sharon added: “We are still in the early part of the Chaccra journey but we aim not only to celebrate Nepalese inspired design, but also nurture a dying crafting culture. 

“As such we work closely with talented craftspeople providing business opportunities and development, while keeping traditional crafting techniques alive.”

CHACCRA alternative Easter eggs

Himalayan Bath Set:

This gift set includes two pure yak milk soaps in an egg-shaped hand beaten brass soap holder and one hemp exfoliation flannel, all handcrafted in Nepal. 

The Himalayan Highlands have long been home to the yak and their herding communities. Naturally high in amino acids, calcium and regenerative proteins, yaks’ milk is said to be the secret behind the glowing skin of Himalayan women.

The set includes a hand beaten brass soap dish from the ancient city of Bhaktapur, a long held crafting tradition of the area, and an exfoliating hemp flannel; hand woven from Himalayan hemp fibres. Hemp is a sustainable fibre that grows naturally in Nepal, needing very little water and no pesticides or herbicides to grow.

Soap set

Mana Candle:

The Mana Candle is made from a unique blend of Citronella essential oil and Himalayan beeswax; encased in an ornate, hand beaten brass candle holder, inspired from a Newari rice cup in the ancient city of Bhaktapur. This beautiful candle is paraffin-free and non-toxic. 

Hand poured by Sita, affectionately known as the ‘Candle Lady of Kathmandu’. Like many women in Nepal Sita didn’t go to school, so she turned to craft to help support her family. With a small donation from a local NGO and borrowed equipment, Sita developed her business and now creates candles for people all over her neighbourhood, as well as hosting her own candle making classes for other women in her community.

Mana Candle


High resolution images available on request, please contact Georgina Cooper at G.Cooper or call on 07545 704085

Chaccra is a new business set up in late 2017 striving to be conscious in its support for Nepalese people, its culture and environment, works closely with communities in Kathmandu and the Himalayan Highlands to produce beautiful homeware collections. 

Chaccra hopes to support and encourage the preservation and development of Nepal’s crafting communities through producing beautiful gifts and home wares. 

Chaccra creates an exclusive range of rugs and home wares inspired by Nepal. Through our collections we are working to fuse the beauty of traditional Nepalese crafts with modern design. 

The Design Collection includes Himalayan Cashmere Blankets, Home Décor, Tibetan Rugs, and The Chakra Design Collection inspired by the seven energy Chakras.