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CHACCRA is traditional culture’s new artisan playground. We specialise in authentic Nepalese artisanal decor with a contemporary twist, fusing together the mysteries of Nepal’s exquisite artisan heritage with innovative and modern design thinking.

A venture founded on a mission to encourage and preserve Nepal’s intricate yet fragile crafting cultures, CHACCRA sources finished pieces and production directly from skilled artisans in Nepal, providing talented craftsmen and women with access to sustainable business opportunities and development. Each of our collections are personally sourced and produced with small-batch production at their core. We believe in quality not quantity and practice ethical business, working alongside makers to produce forward thinking and wholly unique pieces that’ll stand the test of time both practically and aesthetically.

Press coverage
"Ahead of its launch at London Design Fair, Chaccra will debut the Chakra Collection of rugs by the Argentinian designer Diana Jiang at SAMA Bankside, where guests can expect a multi-sensory introduction to the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Nepal through photography, handicrafts, short films, traditional Nepalese dishes and an exclusive viewing of Chaccra’s first design release, crafted in Nepal."
The Best of the London Design Festival 2018
COVER Magazine - September 13, 2018
"" SAMA Bankside on 15 September, Chaccra previews its debut Chakra Collection of Tibetan rugs by the Argentinian designer Diana Jiang, ahead of its launch at London Design Fair.""
Design Fairs: London Design Festival
COVER Magazine Autumn Edition 2018
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